Linum Stone


Woven Into Stone

Linum Stone by Ceramika Paradyż is appreciated by those in favour of the latest trends enriched with elements rooted in tradition. The collection was inspired by Kamienna Góra (Stony Mountain) – a town which had the oldest spinning-mill in Europe. From the surprising word-play arose the idea of recreating the texture of linen on the surface of tiles in subdued shades, typical of natural stone. The warm tones: Ivory, Grys (Gravel) and Ochra (Ochre) harmonise both with glossless as well as satiny tile surfaces in the 29.8 x 89.8 cm format. According to the latest trends, structural decoration brings to the room dynamic elements, at the same time bringing to mind the history of a lively workshop.

Living Room
Terrace & Balcony