The discreet beauty of raw wood

In the Tammi collection, the leading role is played by Finnish oak, an important finishing element in every Scandinavian-style interior. The structure of raw wood reflected in the tiles fits in with the trend of using materials inspired by nature in interior design. The large format tiles with the size of 29.4 x 180 centimetres will emphasise the classical elegance of an office or a conference room. Tammi tiles in Bianco, Naturale, Brown and Grys colours are also a perfect proposition for medium-sized homes and people, who value convenience, luxury and high quality. The other dimensions of tiles in the Tammi collection: 19.4 x 120, as well as 19.4 x 90 centimetres, allow you to design a classic, yet trendy “raw” kitchen with a dining room or a medium-sized bathroom.

Terrace & Balcony
Living Room